Xebia offers DevOps simulation game “The Phoenix Project”

Experience DevOps in a real-life scenario

We strongly believe that DevOps requires a shift in culture and mindset with an impact on your people, processes and technology. DevOps starts with team effort and therefore the best way to step into it is by experiencing it.

The simulation game “The Phoenix project” has been developed by our partner GamingWorks and it is based on the novel “The Phoenix Project” by Gene Kim, a well-recognized DevOps knowledge source. The game has been designed to translate theory into practice and allow the participants to experiment and draw conclusions on adopting DevOps practices.

“During the game, participants experience the need to work together closely in order to ensure the success of the IT enabled business transformation. ”

In cooperation with GamingWorks, Xebia is proud to add this simulation game to her DevOps Consulting services. With four recently certified trainers, we are looking forward to share this experience with our clients.

Key take-aways:

  • How to adapt DevOps principles in a real-life environment
  • How to enhance collaboration and skill development in DevOps teams
  • How to engage business in IT projects and celebrate successes together

This workshop is relevant for:

  • Organizations aiming to adopt a DevOps way of working
  • Team members and managers responsible for leading DevOps transformations

If you would like to receive more information about Xebia and “The Phoenix Project” simulation game, please feel free to contact Martin van Steenis.