Hilversum, The Netherlands

Job description:

You know relying on superficial connections through LinkedIn won't cut it these days. It takes commitment, knowledge, and trust, and an authentic tone and approach to attract potential candidates and build a network. Great recruiters create and nurture real, long-lasting relationships, even when it’s not the right match.

At Xebia, our recruiters aren’t salespeople; they’re ambassadors, mentors, and coaches who help people recognize themselves in our values and professional opportunities. They do much more than locate target candidates; they engage people in our knowledge-sharing community.


Our target group is scarce, tech-savvy professionals with above-average intelligence. So to reach them, we developed an active recruitment strategy in-house, based on inbound marketing principles:

Present potential candidates with content that reflects who they are and their interests, so they recognize themselves in our values, propositions and the open position

If this sounds like a strategy you’d like to try, and you’re curious to learn more, get in touch. We’d love to get to know you.

Does this sound like you?:

  • Inventive, ambitious, proactive professional
  • Natural networker who loves your work
  • Focused and intelligent, and so, eager to adopt a recruitment strategy that is too
  • Intuitively understand how potential candidates perceive the world
  • Possess sufficient technical knowledge to align a candidate's worldview with Xebia’s
  • YEnergetic, self-driven initiator with a ‘can do’ attitude and confidence
  • Genuinely interested in the latest developments in your industry

About us:

Xebia Group is an international IT boutique consultancy organized by multiple, independent business units. Each of these units focuses on mutually complementing cornerstones, such as Agile, DevOps, Software Development and Cloud Technology. All share our guiding, core principles - authority, focus, and values.

Xebia offers an inspiring work environment with an emphasis on knowledge sharing. We provide a substantial training budget and the freedom to become an authority in your field. You grow, we grow.


Email or contact Cees Hupkes 06 - 2 888 64 15


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