Cloud & DevOps

Cloud Services

Do you want to run your infrastructure in the cloud, on one platform or multi-cloud/hybrid platforms? We develop and deploy cloud-native solutions, train and coach your teams, and assess your current way of working by providing cloud migration in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We are a leading services partner of AWS, Alibaba Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and GCP and we are up for any cloud challenge with our power-packed services for AWS and Azure migration in Dubai.

Cloud Infrastructure

Developing reliable, scalable infrastructures that require no-ops

Cloud Assessments

Assessments of the operational excellence of the cloud operations

Cloud & AI

Developing cloud-based AI and Machine Learning solutions

Managed Services

Managing and running the cloud infrastructure and solutions for you

Cloud Training

Training, re-skilling and coaching services to develop the right competencies.

DevOps Consulting

Do you want to achieve more speed, flexibility, and simplicity with more effective and efficient IT? DevOps helps create a high-performance IT capability that accelerates your business.

Xebia DevOps focuses on two areas: organization and technology. We help you speed up your software release cycle and enhance autonomy within your teams. Following a proven method. Brought into practice by experienced Consultants.

DevOps Transformation

Create a high performance IT capability

Accelerate Software Delivery

Optimized flow, high quality and reliability

Self-Service Infrastructure

Autonomy and speed

Modern IT Architecture

Your IT future-fit!