How to know everything you may need to migrate to the cloud easily

How to know everything you may need to migrate to the cloud easily

Any AWS migration in Africa or anywhere in the world is, in a nutshell, the movement of your applications, business elements, and databases to a cloud server from the local server. This movement of the items is called a cloud migration, and AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the most likely choices for any organization to start using the cloud. As per various studies, an AWS migration in SA can quickly drive revenue growth to around 33% by 2022 for the entire market. More than a third of all organizations worldwide see this as an investment that impacts their market offerings.

Reasons that one should migrate to the cloud

The most common reason for an organization to start utilizing the cloud is to alleviate its operations and maintenance costs. An AWS migration in Africa also allows them to adapt to agile methods to handle traffic spikes, sudden demands of operations, and smoothen any inefficient processes. Others start their AWS migration in SA to tackle geographical distribution challenges, access any application-related methods, disaster recovery, and better security of their data. Cloud migration allows the organization to cap the costs involved to run the operations, in-house disaster recovery processes, and on-demand data storage capability.

The most preferred methods

Any company strategizing their AWS migration in Africa or an AWS migration in SA mainly follows one of the following three routes. The first method is to shift their local server data to the cloud computing platform. The second method is a cloud-to-cloud migration or from one cloud company to a better company. And the third is to perform a de-clouding or a reverse cloud migration. The companies drive significant benefits from such cloud migration like scalability, robust computing capabilities, flexibility, no server maintenance costs, infinite storage capacity, performance, and cost as per the usage.

Type of cloud migration service

Moving to the cloud for any organization also requires them to be sure of the type of service they need for their AWS migration in Africa or an AWS migration in SA beforehand. The cloud allows one to simply consume what is already provided, like emails, CRM, ERP, etc. These services are defined as SAAS or Software as a Service. Another service called the PAAS allows one to use the Platform as a Service, like application development, decision support, etc. The third type is the migration service, which is also collectively called the IAAS or Infrastructure as a Service.

Prerequisites for a cloud migration

Before any company may start this process of AWS migration in Africa or an AWS migration in SA, they must consider a few things. They must prepare their applications to be migrated to the cloud as otherwise, they shall face many issues. Evaluating this migration’s cost as an unplanned migration will lead to wastage of time, energy, resources, and money. It is highly recommended that they hire or train in-house employees to manage the cloud database or approach a good consultancy vendor. And they need to be prepared for the challenges they will face during and after the migration process.

The optimal process to migrate to the cloud.

Any AWS migration in Africa or an AWS migration in SA needs to follow a path to ensure their cloud migration is optimally handled and performed. They first need to set their migration goals and priorities, chalk out their legacy application characteristics, and figure out the modernization requirements. The subsequent step is to develop the operations skill constraints by hiring, training, or through a suitable consultant. The final step they need to think about is the cost factors involved in their migration efforts. They also should look at the alternative to the migration process in the form of rehosting, revising, re-architecture, rebuild, and replace their legacy content.

Steps to migrate to the cloud

The process of any AWS migration in Africa or an AWS migration in SA includes assessing first a few pilot applications to be transferred that have no issues. The applications’ performance needs to be assessed before migration, and they need to be tested for compatibility and security. This migration initiation should be handled by developers or personnel with at least a moderate technical knowledge of the migration process. After moving the application, they again need to be tested for their functioning, and a call needs to be taken for re-architecture, rebuilding, or replacing them.

Overcome the disadvantages of cloud migration

As with anything in the world, there are a few drawbacks too of an AWS migration in Africa or an AWS migration in SA. Developers need to be aware of issues that may arise due to data security, sensitive data becoming corrupt or irrecoverable, interoperability issues, and the overall costs and time. To overcome such problems, they should use only encrypted file systems like the HTTPS and regularly back up the data. The organization also needs to partner with only established cloud service providers like AWS and choose the right vendors for such migrations.

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