How to realize the need for cloud migration and be prepared for it

How to realize the need for cloud migration and be prepared for it

It is easy to say that one should adopt the Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai for business success. But only a few organizations actually know how to get there optimally. This strategy is needed not only to move from the physical data center to the cloud but also to migrate across the clouds as required. At any organization, the most mission-critical items are database workloads, which need a solid and well-defined plan for a successful migration. Multiple factors need to be considered during this planning process, including security, high performance and availability, hybrid architectures, and more.

The need for the organization

Data form the real backbone of any line of business looking forward to an Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai. Any database systems that are finally chosen should be capable of processing and ensuring that there is no disruption to the business while providing perfect data security and integrity. Thus, the ability of organizations to perform largely depends upon the storage solution of databases and how they are put to use. Enterprise databases are used for such purposes that offer underlying storage solutions, offer specific capabilities, and feature supportive of production environments.

High availability

Databases that are employed need to be always available without any kind of interruptions, which is the basic thought behind any Azure migration in Abu Dhabi. Any kind of disruption can be disastrous to the entire business operation that often results in financial penalties and lost SLAs. So, any Azure migration in Dubai ensures high storage capacity combined with multiple access routes. Their main aim is to allow access to the data at any point in time without adding to the overheads through design or custom configurations.


The performance levels of Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai is directly correlated with speed. At the same time, performance requirements may vary from one organization to the other quite widely. For some, the backups of the databases may reside as a lower performance as it is not accessed frequently. At the same time, production databases need faster storage that provides a better user experience. Thus, the cost is the main factor that will define if you want high-performance storage or a lower one as per business needs.

Durability and security

Mission-critical applications or even the normal applications will contain a lot of data that an organization cannot risk at any cost. No business in the world can risk their environment going amok or being corrupted in even the slightest of manner. With an Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai, the data integrity and security is maintained at all times and during all database transactions. Thus, these databases are capable of overcoming failure, and data redundancy play a crucial role in establishing the durability of these database systems.

Rapid deployment

Usually, deployment issues that an organization faces during any Azure migration in Abu Dhabi can be traced to a complicated design of the storage. Such a problem may also occur when provisioning is lengthy, or the Azure migration in Dubai is being done through a wrong capacity planning. In a traditional environment, deployments usually can take anywhere from an entire day to months, which is dependent upon the availability of capacity. A faster time to market is required by any organization, which provides a better competitive edge and defines success. Automation and quick deployment are the need for any database system.

Some common challenges faced during migration

While any Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai presents its own unique sets of challenges as the requirement of every organization is different. Cloud hosting has become popular due to its lucrative properties and features as compared to the traditional on-site servers. They are also hassle-free and allow one to scale up or down quickly as per the need of the business. Azure is a Microsoft data center that runs the applications locally and offers unlimited servers and data storage capacity. Here are some problems that may occur during these migrations.

Challenge 1: Planning difficulties

As per a study, 52% of companies who choose Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai do not plan well. Most of these companies, however, are well-aware of the benefits that cloud migration can provide to their businesses and organizations. The problem arises as they dive headfirst into migration and figure out later that it takes longer than expected. Some of them think of migrating all of the processes in one-go to the cloud while it should be dependent upon many factors best handled by an expert. This usually drives up the costs.

Many organizations are also over-confident of their technical capabilities and take up Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai on their own. Such organizations expose themselves to performance lags and other risks. They need to realize that migration is not simply data replication, and one small mistake can lead to many complications. Unless it is managed by specialists, moving an entire database from the on-site server to the cloud could be a data disaster. Such mistakes could be extremely hard to fix and be time-consuming, which will affect business and run the costs up.

Challenge 2: App integration and compliance

Analyzing the impact of any product and service needs to be outlined for any Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai. The initial plan, when in place, will oversee that every app has proper integration points in the form of SMTP servers, web services, payment gateways, external storage, third-party vendors, etc. Cloud services also make these apps scalable at the click of a button. But when hundreds of applications are moved from the traditional set-up to the cloud, it could get complicated. A proof of concept, in this case, performed beforehand will help provide clarity.

Challenge 3: Staff management

Any Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai changes the procedures and structures that are new to the employees and the organization as well. Then comes a period of struggle where every department shall need to adjust to this new paradigm. For any organization, funding and staffing aspects become pressing matters that need to be re-thought. While some employees will master these new techniques quickly, others will need more help. Even technical staff like web developers shall need to change their way of operation to manage drivers, images, and applications.

Most businesses who opt for Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai thus opt for and plan suitable training. Cloud migration, as many of the uninitiated later find out, is not a simple process where your folder structure is the same as it seems in a traditional server. One cannot just move an application on the cloud and work them to work seamlessly. There is a proper process that needs to be followed, which has to be first learned. Any organization that skips this training can only hope for tough times ahead.

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