How to not destroy an agile implementation at an organization

How to not destroy an agile implementation at an organization

Agile transformation in Dubai is disrupting industries across the spectrum. It has left a mark on almost every aspect - in the way we interact and socialize, travel, earn, and pay. This impact has even led to traditional companies hiring suitable agile consulting in Dubai to adopt and adapt to the changing times. Agile principles drive the ability of an organization to innovate, adapt rapidly, and learn from a set of principles to write and release codes and products in an iterative manner. Agile is used for many facets of development to focus on the customer through enterprise-wide operations.

Agile implementation at an organization helps develop the product iteratively and release frequent updates. This keeps the customer happy while making it possible for the cross-functional team to collaborate properly. While employing agile consulting in Dubai is the easiest way to transform your organization into an Agile one and reap the benefits, it fails many times. Many traditional heavyweights who have embarked upon an agile transformation in Dubai have faced real challenges to meet their objectives. Here are a few common mistakes that people make while on their agile journey and ways to avoid them.

Mistake 1: Not aligned with the aspiration and value of the agile transformation

Any agile transformation in Dubai requires a fundamental redesign of the operating method of the organization. It is often seen that organizations start by hiring the right kind of agile consulting in Dubai but forget to ensure that there is an alignment amongst the leaders at the organization. Sometimes even if the leaders are aligned on the aspirations and value through the transformation, the spirit of adopting some of the agile principles is missing. Leaders at some organizations allow experimentation to empower their teams while others are not ready to let go of their status quo.

Any agile transformation in Dubai requires an alignment on the aspirations and value from the highest level to the lowest to deliver the planned results. An agile consulting in Dubai can guide an organization to design their operating model to reach these goals and monitor the value capture. For example, initiating a bottom-up agile transformation without defining the end-state will only provide limited impact. The teams across the organization need to collaborate and apply varying degrees of the agile principles to manage their work. Without it, the teams will spend time tracking value instead of focusing on delivery.

Mistake 2: Treating agile as only a pilot and not as a strategic priority

Some organizations undergoing an agile transformation in Dubai limit their agile to pilots on a small part of the organization or to one or two processes. This typically has a smaller set of leaders where the impact is restricted to a bunch of processes and technologists. This does not bring forth the benefits of agile properly. Any agile consulting in Dubai, helping implement in this scenario, is often unable to showcase and present to the executive team that it has far-reaching strategic value. Such organizations usually carry out a few agile pilots and then reallocate the funding to another function.

While it is advisable to start any agile transformation in Dubai on a small part of the organization, restricting its usage to prove the impact where the real benefits arise is a blasphemy. Any agile consulting in Dubai will also need a complete buy-in of the CEO and other higher executive members to become successful at an organization. This can happen only if the higher brains at an organization take an interest to understand and adopt agile. Such a personal interest in agile is required to change the business practices that can match the more agile technology organization and success.

Mistake 3: Ignoring the culture of the organization

The work of agile consulting in Dubai is not just to implement the agile transformation in Dubai but first study the workplace culture. One formula does not fit all in this regard. Any consultant who ignores the cultural and change management implications of agile is only doing a disservice to the organization. The agile transformation will drive significant cultural change, and the teams will become more collaborative, customer-centric, and open to learning. But these changes cannot be done at the click of a button and need the leader first to change.

Mistake 4: Not investing in the talent of the employees

For most of the traditional organizations implementing agile transformation in Dubai, talent strategy is an afterthought. But the talent of the employee is the fuel that helps agile function properly. It allows an organization to empower teams to become truly cross-functional with experienced talent embedded in their midst. Thus any agile consulting in Dubai needs to ask some tough questions like career path changes for employees, sourcing talented individuals from outside or developing internally, performance management, and more. Ignoring these will lead to problems, lack of clarity within the organization, attritions, and more.

Mistake 5: Not defining the strategy and pace to scale up

As mentioned earlier, it is imperative that organizations looking for an agile transformation in Dubai start with a pilot. With the help of agile consulting in Dubai, this pilot will easily scale across a broad cross-section of the organization. The learning from this pilot then needs to be defined for the rest of the implementation across the organization. Failing to be ready for such a change in terms of resourcing constraints or leadership bandwidth can topple the entire chain of events. Most organizations thus implement agile in waves and not at a single time to make it manageable.

Mistake 6: Not having enough resources to support agile

Any agile consulting in Dubai has faced organizations who take agile as only an approach and do not use it to manage projects. Any agile transformation in Dubai needs to recognize this aspect of agile methodology, which needs a change to the core management processes as well as the different supporting tools. Other times the organization may require iterative funding to support iterative development, which is a hard concept for traditional setups to grasp. At times, Agile implementation cannot provide detailed estimates of every aspect of the project or its benefits till a later date.

A dogmatic approach needs to be adopted without panicking or fighting over hypothetical financials. This approach, defined by most agile consulting in Dubai, implementing an agile transformation in Dubai sounds good during initial presentations to management. But product owners seem to grow cold feet or seem to have second thoughts at a later date, which hurts a successful implementation. The first time is a leap of faith that executives at an organization need to understand to realize agile benefits.


Any agile transformation in Dubai undoubtedly has many such mistakes that an organization makes as they start on their journey. Such mistakes can easily derail the entire process as defined by the agile consulting in Dubai and result in agile to be written off by the organization. Thus, the first step on this journey to become agile is to gain a level of understanding of how to drive the agile transformation. The process is complex for anyone new, but there are many tools and guidance available that can help any traditional organization gain the benefits of successful agile transformations.

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