How to find the business functions most suitable for AI at any organization

The pandemic has driven companies to adopt AI for a host of processes and functions to stay relevant in their business. While AI is still in its infancy, most leaders are excited by the opportunities and benefits it offers.

How to know if a digital transformation agency is required by your business

Any successful digital transformation across the spectrum has one thing in common that they implement a proven approach to gain the digital experience. This process becomes easier if one hires a Digital Transformation Agency in Dubai or a Digital Transformation Agency in UAE.

How to realize the benefits driven to your business through digital transformation

If you have not yet even started thinking about digital transformation, you are committing to a massive disservice towards your organization. Adapting and adopting digital is not just a process change but a behavioral change that any business needs to follow to stay relevant and competitive

How to know everything you may need to migrate to the cloud easily

Any AWS migration in Africa or anywhere in the world is, in a nutshell, the movement of your applications, business elements, and databases to a cloud server from the local server. This movement of the items is called a cloud migration, and AWS or Amazon Web Services is one of the most likely choices for any organization to start using the cloud.

Open Secrets of creating High Performance teams

Collaboration and teamwork are a minimum pre-requisite for an Agile transformation way to work and deliver high-value outputs. Such a digital transformation produces the desired outcomes for both clients and end-users.

How to learn more about the services and the advantages derived from cloud migration

In the last few years, cloud computing has taken over the tech world by storm through the plethora of services it offers. Technically speaking, cloud migration in SA is not a new technology. Its concept has been discussed for many decades now around a whole lot of technology workshops.

How to know the roles and responsibilities of an agile consultant

Any agile transformation in SA or anywhere else in the world needs suitable agile consulting in SA. The name agile consultant refers to someone who is an expert on agile frameworks and a good experience and expertise in working on various agile methodologies.

How to not destroy an agile implementation at an organization

Agile transformation in Dubai is disrupting industries across the spectrum. It has left a mark on almost every aspect - in the way we interact and socialize, travel, earn, and pay.

How to realize the need for cloud migration and be prepared for it

It is easy to say that one should adopt the Azure migration in Abu Dhabi or Azure migration in Dubai for business success. But only a few organizations actually know how to get there optimally.

Leading Dispersed Team – An Art or Science or a piece of Luck in your journey of excellence

Dispersed teams have members who are not in the same place, they come from different countries, cultures and time zones. Simply out, a dispersed team brings out elements where human-technology interactions, teamwork and communication among people separated by time, culture and distance. Dispersed teams have started to gain importance in organizations because of influence of international markets.

How to manage sensitive issues in a team – What is the magic recipe?

Have we ever wondered how to handle and deal with a sensitive issue with our teams? How do we bring our observations that certain set of folks always like to dominate the discussions in all teams? 

Parenting and Agile Team – A Case of similarities

There are only three things you need to be a good parent – patience, patience, patience. What about love, affection, attention and other such things, you’d ask. Sure, that’s important as well. But while those things, in most cases, come naturally, patience is something that needs to be cultivated. The lack of patience leads to stress. Stress leads to frustration. Frustration leads to anger. And anger leads to bad parenting.

Who chooses Scrum Master for Scrum Team (Define the MVP for the SM)

Chicken or Egg – Who came first? Who chooses the Scrum Master for a Scrum Team (Define the MVP for the SM)?

Triple Scrum Master – a Three in One Role

The old-fashioned scrum master would be limited to a thought process of getting the team more productivity, improve impediments, coaching the stakeholders on the value system of Scrum and so on.

Intelligence Business Process Automation

A business process is a set of tasks which accomplish a specific organizational goal. These sets of activities and tasks, once completed, will deliver a service or product to the client. The process involves clearly defined inputs and a single output. These inputs are made up of factors that contribute to the added value of an output, i.e., Service or Product.

Trust is the key to high-performing (remote) teams

A real team is more than just a collection of individuals?. It provides members of that team with a common purpose, identity and a safe-to-fail environment where people can thrive together and creativity flows freely. Building a team is hard work, requires significant (emotional) investment and takes time.

Making the most out of remote Event Storming

A while back the virtual Domain-driven design meetup experimented with doing a remote EventStorming. The outcome was that doing remote EventStorming as you would do it offline is sub-optimal. The interaction was lacking during the storming parts, and the number of insights gained was lower. That is the power of EventStorming, and it was not present. Still, we asked ourselves how we can make remote EventStorming more optimal, and with most of the world being stuck at home due to corona, I started experimenting with it. In this post, I will describe heuristics about my first experience with remote EventStorming.

How my team manages to stay connected in times of isolation

It sounds like a paradox. Contradictio in terminis, as the linguistic in me likes to put it. Staying connected in times of isolation. Now that most of us are working remotely, teams need to find ways to stay connected.

How to succeed at Progressive Delivery

There is a lot of buzz around the practice of Progressive Delivery lately. Rightfully so, as it’s a great addition to continuous delivery. By gradually exposing new versions to a subset of users, you’re further mitigating risks. As usual with new and shiny things, many of us are eager to try it out, learn about the tools and shift to this way of working. But as is also common, there are reasons to do it, reasons to not do it, and reasons you might not succeed at it. Let me save you some trouble by elaborating on a few of them.

How Internet of Things is taking over human lives

The history of the Internet of things (IoT) can be dated as far back as 1990, when John Romkey, a software engineer and evangelist of the Internet performed an act of magic by using a computer to turn on a toaster; the invention, however, wasn’t fully automated as someone still had to drop the bread into the toaster. Currently, statistics show that only 1% of the things human interact with is connected to the Internet, now

Brain-on-a-chip: How does it work?

Over the last decade, artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications like machine learning and natural language processing have revolutionized many industries and everyday life. As computing power continues to improve and the world gathers more data, the capability of the field is growing exponentially. However, this capability comes to the demand for even faster progress and professionals are already looking at what the next wave of development could be.

Everything You Need to Know About the Right Data Strategy for IoT and Industry 4.0

The biggest asset of our times, perhaps, has to be the nearly 44 zettabytes of data that forms the very backbone of every single decision that drives the path towards a new dawn. What really is this new era we’re approaching so rapidly? Enter Industry 4.0.

Top Factors impacting Digital Transformation in the Middle East

As per recent surveys by leading consulting firms in this region, only 4-5% of respondent companies consider themselves as leaders in Digital Transformation while a big number feel they will be left behind in this new era. Following are the contributing factors impacting Digital Transformation in the region:

Tech Disruption: Top 10 Steps to Achieve Industry 4.0 Goals

Having the technology and data alone is not enough to succeed. Businesses need a well thought out strategy that clearly defines the objectives for Industry 4.0. Here are ten things that everyone should be thinking about.

Making Industry 4.0 work: 8 vital elements for right framework

Industry 4.0 relies on a large volume of devices and masses of data to be successful. Businesses must process data into timely and valuable information if they are to integrate it into production processes. For example, there is little use in having sensors that can track real-time maintenance issues if the infrastructure is not available to suitably analyse and act on those.

Data strategy for IoT and Industry 4.0

Advances in computer power, data, AI and IoT will orchestrate rapid advacement over the coming years, hence, the buzz around Industry 4.0

Data Strategy for IoT and Industry 4.0

When people talk about industry and manufacturing, their heads often turn to large scale production with huge machines and a massive pool of people doing a multitude of jobs. Although many industrial companies and factory settings have been using forms of digital technology for some time now, only in recent years has this started to become more mainstream. There has been a realization that using artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT) devices through the supplier chain, can have amazing effects on efficiency and cost savings.

3 Key Discoveries That Companies Make Using Business Data Analytics

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